Properties window

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info Info

The properties window displays parameters and properties of objects selected in the detailview of the Project Manager resp. of elements selected in a picture. In the properties window, the properties of the selected objects or elements can be edited.

With the icons at the top, different settings for the properties window can be defined. The settings for the view, sorting and the favourites are saved for the next start of the Editor.

Grouped view

All properties

Dialog view

Show/hide favorites

Sorted logically

Sort ascending/descending

Show/hide all properties

Open/close all sections

Show/hide help  

The single possible views of the properties window are explained in the video Editor.

attention Attention

The properties are described in detail in the properties help of the Editor.

When editing a property of an element in the property window, the last selected property is offered automatically, when another element is selected.

Keyboard operation

With the TAB, key the cursor is moved to the next property, with SHIFT-TAB it is moved upwards (to the previous one). The cursor can also be moved with the arrow keys (up and down). With the keys ENTER or the right arrow key, a section is opened, with the left arrow key, the section is closed.


There are cases, where a Multiselect of properties is necessary. For example, if you create a dynamic picture element Text Button and some other static element and select both of them, you will see the properties in which they differ from each other in red letters in the property window.