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For external files within a project, it is possible to inserted specific entries into the project manager. To insert external files to the project, the entry "Files" in the project manager has to be selected.

The following external files are available:


Graphic files (*.bmp, *.wmf, *.jpg, *.gif, *.png) for display in the project (background of pictures or in dynamic elements)

Language tables

Text lists for the online language change


Help files (*.chm) for the Runtime help of the project


Audio files (*.avi, *.mpeg, *.wav, *.mp3)
To play audio files, the appropriate codecs are required on the Runtime device.


Text files (*.txt) to be displayed in the project and format files for printing. (*.frm)

Process Control Engine (PCE)

Scripts: PCE (VB Script or Java Script)


Driver files (*.cfg, *.iso, *.tcp, *.bur, *.fms, *.bec, *.ovd,*.nmp,*.ini,*.h11, *.lst, *.dde, *.lon, *.opc, *.ecs)


All other file types (*.*)

The folders Help, Lists and Multimedia can have subfolders (one level), to support online language change also for the according file types.

How can folders be created:

Inserting a new column in the folder Language table

(subfolders are created automatically).

Inserting a new file in the folder Language table

(subfolders are created automatically).

Context menu via table point

Only current folder