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This toolbar offers support for drawing pictures.

The icons of this toolbar are:

Save picture

Save the current picture.

Save all

Saves all pictures. Also available in other modules to save changes.
Attention: 'Save all' referrs only to opened documents and not their properties. Changes made in the property window are not saved as long as the focus is still on the property window. In order to save them, click into the window "Pictures" and then on the symbol "Save all".


Cuts the selected element and stores it in the clipcoard. You can transfer elements across pictures and projects.


Copies the element to the clipboard. You can copy elements across pictures and projects.


Inserts the contents of the clipboard.

Redraw picture

Refreshes the display.

Edit mode

Changes to edit mode and enables you to select elements of the picture. By selecting 'Zoom', you activate the edit mode.


Variable zoom: With this toolbar the zoom steps can be defined in a combobox. They can be directly selected or entered manually. The input of the zoom steps is possible in a range from 15% to 400%.
Zoom tool: The magnifiers in the toolbar also allow zooming. There are two magnifier symbols (+ and -). After the icon has been clicked, the mouse pointer changes accordingly and clicking the desired position in the picture zooms in or out. You can switch between the zoom-in mode and the zoom-out mode by pressing Ctrl. Sekect the edit mode (arrow) in the toolbar to end the zoom mode.
The defined zoom is saved for each single picture.


The current picture is printed on the standard printer. Set printer properties via File -> Standard configuration -> standard.

Info aboutÂ…

Information about zenon: Serial number, activation key, IOs etc.


Opens the zenon help.

The icons Cut and Copy are unlocked after selecting an element. The icon Paste is only available if the clipboard contains information (Cut or Copy must have been used before).

info Info

If the toolbar is displayed vertically, the combobox is invisible.