Print alarm- or CEL-list

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This function is used to output the stored information (alarms or CEL) to a printer as a closed printing job (e.g. unmanned substations without direct online printing) with filter criteria in the Runtime.

Give the list (AML, CEL), the filters and the time are as the transfer parameters This function is configured via a dialog mask.

Configurable options are:


selection of alarm or CEL


defines filter criterion


define time period with time format and type


Select font for printing

The filter criteria are configured after the list is selected.

Line structure for logging variants

Date/Time received

Date/Time cleared

Date/Time acknowledged

Long text

Status text






The keywords which are available for the formatting file (ALAR_G.FRM, BTB_G.FRM) and its standard structure are described in the Appendix.

Configuration is described in "Configuration of the alarm and CEL filters" and "Configuration of the time filter."