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The following parameters can be set:

Avi - File

Saved video file to be displayed

Options and parameters

- Playbar

Display of a slider in the video picture

- Menü

Display of a menu in the playbar for operating the video
(only possible with activated playbar)

- Videopos center

Reference point for the position of the video display in zooming actions.
Active: The zoomed video is placed in the center of the template.
Inactive: The video display is zoomed to bottom right.

- Autostart

Video file is automatically started when opening the picture

- Continuous play

Video file is restarted after each end.


Display speed
(Default: 1000)


Zoom factor in percent of original size
(Defalut: 100)

- Volume

(Default 1000)

- TimrFreq

Timer Frequency
(Default: 500)

The parameters needed for opening a picture of the picture type Video with a monitoring camera are the video driver as well as settings for recording, if the video should be recorded and saved.