Replace indices

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It is possible to enter several source/target pairs, which are lsited here.

In column Source of the Replacing preview all variables which are used in the picture are displayed. Left click the variable for which you want to create an index rule. In the Index rule the variable is entered in the fields Source and Target. As an alternative you can enter the desired variable directly in the field Source. After that you define the index rule and apply it to the list of index rules by clicking Add rule.

attention Attention

The substitutions are executed in the order, like they are displayed in the list!

info Info

You can select only one variable at a time.

In this list all created index rules are displayed. With the help of the button with the arrow symbol you can change the order of the entries.

You can add variables which are not present in the picture but are used during the replacement to the window Index variables via the button Add variables.... The variables which are in this list are always kept in the memory in order to minimize waiting time when the picture is loaded.

Example Example

The source variables Motors[1].speed is substituted by the target Motors[{X01}].speed.

The placeholder X01 is replaced by the value of the index variable in the Runtime.

info Info

For the placeholder * the same rules as for Replace links are valid.