Print current values

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This function is used to create a simple log of current variable values (process and derived variables) during online operation.

Give a formatting file as the transfer parameter. This function is configured via a dialog mask.

Configurable options are:

System buttons

OK, Cancel, Help

Abort dialog

displays abort dialog during generation in online operation

Select format file

Opens a dialog box for the selection of the *.FRM file. This file is created with the button below. The format FRM is described further below in this chapter.

Start format editor

starts text editor for creation of file


sets font which will be used

Select the file (*.FRM file type by clicking on the "Select format file" button.

Defined keywords are used in the format file. The corresponding variable parameters are entered during online operation instead of the keywords.


outputs variable names


outputs current technical value; ?outputs binary status as value or string variable


outputs defined unit defined for process variable


outputs text defined for process variable


outputs current status bit of process variables in succession with short names (from ZENON6.INI)

The following keywords are available for formatting the output page or as general information:


outputs current date


outputs current time


outputs current page number

Texts for the header and footer can be defined. The sections (header, main section, footer) have to be marked in front and behind the section with "%%". Three empty lines have to be enteres behind the last "%%".

Using tabs will result in problems when outputting texts of different lengths. Only empty spaces can be used for positioning The "@" key character is not counted.


Page header
%date Measuring value log of equipment XYZ %time o' clock

dentification techn. value Unit
Value 1 @Value1.value bar
Value 2 @VALUE2.value kV
> Value 3 @VALUE3.value ºF

Page %page
Page footer

Online printing with the "PROJEKT.FRM" file

Header text

21.02.1995 Measuring value log of equipment XYZ 12:00 o' clock

Identification techn. value Unit
Value 1 0.63 bar
Value 2 9.98 kV
> Value 3 17.3 ºF

> Page 5

Footer text

If the deesired format of the actual values is narrower as the space between the TTA key words, a QRF file with the same name can be used. In the QRF file the process variables are assigned to defined markers. Each marker (xxx) begins with a "$" and is defined with a certain syntax.

define $xxx as Variable

- xxx

freely chosen identifier or number


Variable name

These markers can be accessed in the FRM file The variable parameters are then addressed via other parameters.


process variable name


Technical value




Status text

Example of a QRF file's structure:


define $001 as TTA1
define $002 as TTA2


Header text
Main section
Value of TTA1= @$001.2
Value of TTA2= @$002.2
Footer text

Online printout with the "MOMENT.FRM" file

Header text
Value of TTA1= 100.25
Value of TTA2= 25.745
Footer text