Print a hard-copy

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This function is used to make a printout of the entire screen or of templates (process pictures, lists, trend curves, etc.) in the Runtime. Templates are selected with a doubleclick.

Give the template and the additional options as the transfer parameters. This function is configured via the following dialog.

Configurable options are:



Total screen area

The total first screen area is printed.

Templates list

Only active when Total screen area inactive.

Select the desired template. Multi-selection is not possible.

Note: If the selected template is not active during Runtime, nothing is printed.


Only active when Total screen area active.

Select the desired screen.

Note: If you have selected a template which covers more than one screen , you must select relative to user in order to print the whole template.

Print options


With margin

For document filing an edge is considered by the printout.


Changes dark colors into light colors in the printout.


The hardcopy is rerouted to the fax.