Determine open maintenances

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This functions gets all the active maintenances in the selected time perios from the IMM. These due maintenances are then used to determine the equipment-specific status values as configured. Numerical set values equalling the total number of due maintenances for equipment matching the selected filter criteria are sent to the according status variables.

In addition to the determination of the equipment related status values, the maintenance status variables configured at the device or at the maintenance are updated when the function is executed.

Configuration is performed via the function parameters.

Period of time

Here you can select the period for which you want to determine due maintenances.

Equipment identifier

The list of all equipment identifiers that need to be considered for the associated status variable is entered here. This is a comma-seperated list of equipment identifiers, which can also contain wildcards (like the filter criteria of the free text filter of the AML and CEL).

Status variable

A numerical variable that contains the number of open maintenances of the equipment entered under 'equipment indentifier' as a set value.

Add / Remove

Adds/removes an allocation line.

Example Example

2 maintenances are active in Equipment1 and 1 maintenance is active in Equipment2. Equipment1 and Equipment2 are the only equipments in this example. See the screenshot for the configuration of the function.

The status variables contain the following set values:

Maintenances_today_all = 3

Maintenances_today_all2 = 3

Maintenances_today_equipment1_2 = 3

Maintenances_today_equipment1 = 2

Maintenances_today_equipment2 = 1

info Info

In network operation, the function is always executed on the server.