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Four tables are created in the database. The names of the tables can be chosen freely.

attention Attention

Table name: maximum 128 characters,
The first character has to be one of the following: a-z, A-Z, underscore
After that, the following characters can be used: a-z, A-Z, decimal numbers, underscore

Maintenance log database:

Master data:

Maintenance task:



Database connection


Click on this button to add a new file data source.

In the dialog field 'Create new data source' select the driver SQL Server and click on Next in order to enter the name or the storage place of the new DSN file.

Again, click on 'Next' to display a summary of the new information.

Click on 'Finish' to open the driver specific setup dialog.

If you select a server name from the list, no further configuration settings are necessary.

Again click on Next.

Again click on Next.

Now you can select the previously created database.

Click on Finish.

Now you can test the selected connection.