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The export file for the variables has the following sections:

Variable list

Driver list

Datatype list

Along with the variables the drivers and the datatypes are exported. The datatypes are automatically imported with the variables. The drivers have to be created in the project before the import. See chapter Import of variables and datatypes.

attention Attention

Also in the XML file a driver is absolute necessary; otherwise no variables are imported! Also be aware, that the driver settings in the XML file are project dependent.

On importing the variables, zenon opens a dialogbox in which the source drivers of the XML file can be allocated to target drivers in the project. All variables of the source driver then are imported as variables of the selected target driver.

Example Example

A structure data type in the project has three structure elements, a data type in the XML file with the same name has four structure elements. All variables based on this data type in the export file are not imported to the project.

The import of structure variables is not recommended, because here the complexity rises and so also the danger of inconsistencies.

See also chapter variable definition / Export Data.