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The alarm data are written to a SQL database. That can be an Oracle SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft MSDE. It can be a local database or one in a network.

zenon offers two different possibilities of analysis display.

Internal Industrial Performance Analyzer

A picture of the type Industrial Performance Analyzer

External Industrial Performance Viewer

A program independent of zenon (only available in English)

The Industrial Performance Analyzer supports extended filtering on date and time.

Example Example

Deleting database entries is only possible with Delete entry from database.

In the Runtime the data are stored in a buffer, which is written to the database cyclically. Several Runtime projects can write to the same database.

The possibility of central archiving of alarm data allows high data security and availability.

info Info

At the moment this module is only available for the PC version.

attention Attention

For the use of the Industrial Performance Analyzer a SQL server or a MSDE with a database are required.