Diagram settings / Create diagram

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For the sum lists and the statistics list n most frequent alarms a diagram can be created in addition to the document.

With the settings of the diagram the layout is defined.

On the tab Diagram general one of the following diagrams can be selected:

Diagram type


Horizontal bar diagram

Bar diagram is displayed horizontally.

Vertical bar diagram

Bar diagram is displayed vertically.

Pie diagram

For the pie diagram 3D or 2D can be selected.

The summed alarms are displayed based on the time or the number. In the entry Miscellaneous the color of the bars are defined. Additionally the display of a grid is activated here.

On the second tab Text you select the Font and the color of the diagram labeling. The Style defines the text to be displayed.

On the third tab Legende you select the font and color of the key script. Here you also define, how the key should be displayed and where it should appear.