Operate picture of type IPA in the Runtime

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On opening the IPA picture in the Runtime, the views and transfer parameters defined in the Editor will be considered.

By clicking on a column header, you define that you sort all entries according to the entries of this column. The sorting direction (ascending/descending) is indicated by an arrow in the column header. If you want to sort the entries using more than one column, hold Ctrl and click on each column header you want to use for the sorting. You will receive a cascaded sorting. Clicking on a column header without holding the Ctrl key discards the multiselection and sorts on this single column.

For the operation of the Industrial Performance Analyzer and the display of alarm data different control elements are available. The following elements can be configured:

Control element


Update database

Data from the database are read again.


Opens the filter dialog.

Filter back

The previous filter is loaded. The last ten filter settings are saved.

Reset filter

All filter settings are deactivated.

Create document

A document with the selected data is generated and opened. The data are displayed in form of a table.

Create diagram

The selected data are displayed in a diagram.

Diagram settings

Definition of the layout for the diagram, e.g. bar or pie diagram.

Current view

Text field, wher the current view can be named.

Status Line

Text field, where the selected filter settings are displayed.


Save filters and views defined online as profiles

Save profile

Saves online settings in a profile

Delete profile

Deletes selected profile.

Profile selection

Activate profile from list.