Defining the database connection

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The Industrial Performance Analyzer communicates with the database via an ODBC connection.

info Info

If an ODBC connection is selected, the standard database must not have the name master, tempdb, pubs, msdb or model. Either create a new database or select an existing, which is not a system database.

If you click the field 'Database' in the project properties under 'Industrial Performance Analyzer', the following dialogbox is opened:

Here the DSN name to access the server (SQL database) is defined.

With the button 'New', a new data source for the SQL server can be created. The following dialog opens:

zenon supports the connection to the following databases: MS SQL Server and Oracle 9i and 10i.

Connecting to other databases may limit the functionality. (e.g. filtering on date and time is only possible conditionally).

It is recommended to test the data source.

So the definition of the data source connection is finished.