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If the language is changed it might be necessary to change the font as well. E.g. for eastern asian fonts the Unicode font has to be used.

In the project manager „Picutres/Fonts", fonts can be defined with the entry "New font list". Font list that have been created in this mode, can be selected via the function "language change". See chapter Fonts.

It is also possible to define fonts directly in the language table. Therefore select a column in the language table and open the context menu "font/selection" in order to select the desired font. The according font can now be selected.

info Info

In order to display the texts already in the Editor with the linked font, the font list can be swithced "active". Changes of font can make a text longer or shorter. This function enables the user to check already in the Editor, that no texts are cut off.

attention Attention

Embedded fonts are not changed (for Vect. Element Text).