Language change for Runtime help / list path / media files

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In the function "Language change" the according folder can be selected:

The default path is already given in the Editor. If the function Language change is executed, the path is changed. To make this exchange possible:

attention Attention

The files must have the same name in the different languages, but they are stored in different folders.

If a new language file is created, the Editor automatically creates a subfolder in the entry File/Help or File/Multimedia or File/List in the Project manager. This subfolder has the same name as the textfile, the language table is based on.

It is also possible to create individual folders in the project manger entry File.

If the text switch is not activated, the default pathes are the standard folders.

info Info

In the entry File it is possible to create various levels of subfoders. In the function "language change" only the first level can be selected!