Hints for the modem communication

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When using an analog modem we urgently recommend the model Modem Blaster USB of the manufacturer Creative Labs (http://www.creativelabs.com), as the module was tested with this and problems with sending might occur with other modems or drivers.

The sending types SMS modem and voice message communicate via a modem. In this section we will have a look at some hints that help managing a correct transfer of messages.

In the Windows Control Panel open the Modem dialog. If no modem is installed yet, install the driver for your modem now.

Illustration 2 shows the modem dialog for the installed modem. The option wait for ringing tone before dialing has to be set depending on your telephone equipment. In our example this option is not supported by the telephone equipment.

Illustration 3 shows the diagnosis settings for the modem. Activate the option "Add to protocol" on this page to protocol further information on the modem communication. In case of an error this file can be evaluated. On this page you also can test the communication with the modem by pressing the button "Check modem".

If testing the modem brings an error message saying, that the port is already open, another program uses this COM port, e.g. a serial driver.