Monitor configuration

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info Info

Through the monitor administration you can define for each workplace if the target system of the project is equipped with one or multiple monitors.

The tasks of the screen configuration are:


Free output of a picture on any monitor and changing of the assignment of a picture -> monitor in the Runtime. All picture types (e.g. alarms list, menus, ...) and functions (e.g. Close picture), related to the picture or template, must automatically be taken over.


Integration of stations with different resolutions into one project (e.g. in network)


Mixed operation of 1 and 2 monitor systems

The monitor administration in zenon affects templates and pictures. Dialog boxens - even these in zenon - are subject to the Windows settings.

attention Attention

If more than one project is held in the memory, the active project determines the monitor settings for all loaded projects. If the active project is a single monitor project, no target monitor can by chosen in a multi monitor project. The settings of the integration project are always true in the Runtime.