Creating a new multiuser project

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When a new project is created, the checkbox Multiuser project has to be activated. Enter or select the server for the multiuser project in field project server. If a server is selected, the checkbox Multiuser project is automatically activated.

If no server is selected in field project server, the project is created on the local PC. Automatically a local project copy is also created here.


attention Attention

Workspaces do not support multiple users because they are station-specific. So the project hierarchy can be defined differently on different computers. The users have to communicate, so that the hierarchy is the same on all stations.

Creating a client for a multiuser project

Execute the following steps in order to create a client for a multiuser project:

  1. Select File -> Insert existing project...
  2. In the following dialog select under computer name the name of the Server-DB. Under Project selection select again the computer name and the server nam (DB)
  3. Select Multiuser project