Synchronizing a multiuser project

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After another user has added or deleted an element, the project has to be synchronized in order to receive the changes. This is done in the context menu of the project with the entry Project/Synchronize or All modules /Update local version.

info Info

The Elements/Modules that have been checked out by the same user, that has done the synchronization, will not be included into the synchronization.

The following configurations can be done in this context menu:


The local copy is updated with the Server DB. The project is reloaded into the Editor.
Attention: Exception: Elements/Modules which are checked out by this user.

Update local version

Updates only single existing Elements/Modules. This means time saving because not the entire project has to be updated. (see Synchronization) New elements at the server are therefore not available, synchronization is required.

Allow changes

Checks out Elements/Modules

Accept changes

Checks in Elements/Modules

Undo changes

The changes are not checked in and accepted but undone. After Reject changes the project is overwritten by the server database again. Attention! If changes are undone at an element that has not yet been "accepted", the changes that depend on this element are also undone.