Settings in zenon

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VBA has to be activated, so that the control system OPC Server can get data from the Runtime. So please check, if the following entries in the zenOn6.ini are correctly set:


EVENT=1 Switches on resp. off the event mechanism for the VBA – COM interface. Default = 0. You have to set this option to 1.

attention Attention

If the event mechanism in the Runtime is deactivated, the OPC Server can access the variables for writing, but the reading access does not work!
The OPC Server then gets no change events from the Runtime. For the connection quality all OPC Clients will display "disturbed".

No further settings in the control system are necessary.

The OPC Server reads out the running Runtime and offers all variables of all running projects for the connection.

info Info

As soon as the Runtime is started, you can read out all variables from all projects that are available in the Runtime. This is independent from the fact, if the included projects are standalone, client or server projects.