Properties of the task

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After creating the task the properties dialog of the new task opens automatically.

The following properties can be defined:


Unique name of the task.


Tasks can be executed cyclic or once.
Cyclic: the task is executed cyclically in the interval defined under limit of time schedule.
Once: the task is executed once.


Process priorities for operating system multithreading (idle, low, normal, high, highest, time critical).
Default: Normal
Main process : the task runs in the same thread as the Runtime. If the task gets into a waiting loop or crashes, that also influences the Runtime.

Script file

Selection of the script file: VB-Files (*.vbs) for VB Script or JS-Files (*.js) for Java Script.
The according file is created, when the task is opened in the editing area for the first time.

Start type

System start: the task is automatically started with the Runtime. (This is the only way to use the PCE under Windows CE, as Windows CE does not support VBA.)
Event driven: the task is started in a VBA macro with the statement "thisProject.Tasks.Item("Taskname").Run".

Cycle time to reach

For cyclic tasks the interval in milliseconds that should be achieved.
If this cycle time is not achieved, the task is executed as fast as possible.

For a later change of the properties this dialog can also be opened with the context menu of the task and the entry Task Properties¬Ö.