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This dialog enables you to define a copy depth, which will be applied when copying and inserting (i.e. pasting) a schedule.

Only duplicate the current schedule

Inserts (i.e. pastes) only the top-level schedule from the clipboard.

Duplicate the current schedule and its children

The schedule will be inserted (i.e. pasted) along with all its related lower-level schedules. This embodies the standard method when this dialog is deactivated.

Open substitute dialog

Opens the substitution dialog. This enables you to exchange variables when inserting them.

Display dialog box only if Ctrl-key is pressed

If you always wish to copy the complete schedule along with all its related lower-level schedules, you can choose to deactivate the relevant dialog from here. In this case, pressing on the Ctrl key during the insertion/pasting process will enable you to display the dialog.