User event object

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User events are events that can be created by users. These are defined for the whole of the PFS environment. User events are initiated when a triggering time point is input by means of the Execute PFS event. The number of user events is only limited by the available disk space or memory.

Owing to the missing required triggers, the Editor does not display user events in the switching point preview mode. In the Runtime environment, triggers are kept in memory for 14 days at the most to allow previous switching points to be analysed. When the Runtime environment is closed down, these triggers are deleted.

The table view window contains a list of all the defined user events (displayed on a grey background) as well as the schedules they are linked to.


Copies the selected user events to the clipboard.


Enables users to specify a new name for the required user event. The event's designation must be unique.


Deletes the selected user events.


Opens the Permissions dialog.


Activates online help.