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When working with relative times, the execution time point can be modified by means of an offset. An offset cannot be greater than +/- 1 day -1 second. When working with user-defined events, only positive offsets can be specified. The offset is specified in minutes, seconds being defined after the decimal point with a precision of 1/100th of a minute.

Create time grid

This command displays the settings page required for the cyclic creation of an absolute time.

Create time

Creates a new time.

Create switching point

Creates a new switching point at the given time.

Creating switching points

Enables users to define switching points for several variables or functions within once same task, if no switching points have previously been defined.

Delete time

Deletes the selected times, including all related switching points.

Delete switching points

Deletes the selected switching points.

Absolute time

Changes the type of time to Absolute.

Relative time

Changes the type of time to Relative.


Activates online help.