Task description

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The task we must create is set as follows: a factory workshop (Hall I), containing two production lines (Line I and Line II) running on a shift from 06.00 to 18.00, must be heated, and its lighting system switched on and off. The heating needs a pre-heating time of 2 hours for line I and 1 hour for line II, where production line I has to be heated to 83° and production line II to 45°. If there is no production, heating should go down to 20°. Lights should be switched on 10 minutes earlier resp. switched off 10 minutes later. The production shift's start and end, as well as the various breaks' start and end, are signalled by a six-second horn tone. A break is scheduled for 15 minutes at 9.00, lunch break is scheduled for one hour at 12.00, and another break is scheduled for 15 minutes at 15.00. Production takes place 5 days a week; no production is scheduled on holidays or weekends. This workshop is located in Austria. Every 6 hours, the waste water pump must be activated for 30 seconds.