Step 5 - Creating shifts and breaks

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Shifts are a decisive element in the process of defining relative switching times. This consideration not only concerns relative events such as Shift start and Shift end, but also the identification of production start and production end times.

Select the top cell in the Shift/Break column. To create a new shift, select the Create shift context menu item. Be sure to provide a unique designation for the new shift. We name the shift Shift 1. With the tab key or the mouse we move to the column Start time. Our shift should start at 06:00:00 a.m. and last until 06:00:00 p.m. So as a start time we enter 06:00:00 and as an end time 18:00:00.

Shifts are displayed on a grey background, whereas breaks are displayed as white areas.

Our working forces fortunately also get to take some breaks throughout the day, which we shall now define. To do so, select a cell from a line within the shift, and open the relevant context menu. To define a new break, select the Create break menu item. We shall call this new break Morning. We want our first break to start at 09:00:00 and end at 09:15:00.

We shall now proceed to create the lunch break. Designation: Lunch break; start: 12:00:00; End: 13:00:00.

There remains one break, namely the afternoon break, which we have yet to create. Name: Afternoon; start: 15:00:00; End:

Our model named Working day should now be configured as follows: