Step 7 - User event Horn tone

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We shall now configure the project in order to make a horn sound for 6 seconds, both at the start of shifts and breaks as well as at the end of shifts and breaks. This six-second horn tone can be defined very efficiently by means of a user event.

But what is a user event? User events are in fact relative switching times, which are special owing to the fact that they can be defined by the user proceeding to define the project. To initiate a user event, select the PFS: execute event menu item. This function will define the execution time point for the function as a trigger for the required user event. The actual execution of the event will then occur, according to any offset value you may have configured.

Now that we have broached the principle, let us proceed to the creation. Right-click on the Event entry to open the context menu, then create a new event by clicking on the Create item. The event is created with the name New user event, and the new entry automatically switches over to "Rename mode". As you recall, the procedure is very similar in style to that described in step 4, "Creating Models". Change the event's designation to Horn tone. The event's designation must be unique throughout the whole of the PFS environment.

Access the function administration area, and add the PFS: execute event function to the Horn Tone user event.