Picture type Chronologic Event List

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The creation of the chronologic event list picture is done by defining a new picture of the picture type Chronologic Event List. (You will find more information on the pre-defined picture types in the chapter 'Pictures / Pre-defined picture types'.)

On opening the picture an empty picture is opened and the menu control elements in the menu line is filled. The single control elements are explained in the chapter "Chronologic event list".

With the help of the control elements you can arrange the individual online operating elements in the picture (overall display; in the editor there is only a two-dimensional display).

By pressing the command "Default" in the menu "Control elements" all control elements (without buttons for list scrolling) are loaded with standard values at predefined positions.

Changes to the control elements in respect of size, orientation and arrangement are possible. You can delete from the picture any elements which are not required or must not be present in the online display. The addition of other dynamic and static picture elements is possible.