Creating picture

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For the display of the sequence chain analysis the ActiveX element has to be inserted in a picture. Use the dynamic element ActiveX element in the Editor. The size of the element in the picture is the size for the display of the steps / transitions. In the ActiveX settings the three variables have to be linked, here the sequence is important:

1. Variable for instance datablock

2. Variable for the message of the operand analysis

3. Variable for the number of the disturbed step / transition

This is done with the button Variable and selecting the according variables.

The button Properties opens a dialog with two property pages. On the property page Files the files to be exported (source of the instance datablock .GR7 and symbolism list .SEQ) have to be set.

With selecting the field Files from zenon the files of the operating system file structure are used. This selection is recommended for automatic import.

With selecting the fiels Files from file system absolute file paths can be used.

On the property page Graphical representation settings for the graphical display of the steps and transitions have to be done. In this dialog also the type of display (KOP or FUP) can be selected.