Integration of ActiveX in a zenon picture

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In the zenon Editor select the dynamic element ActiveX and draw it in a zenon picture in the desired size. Now a dialog for the selection of the ActoveX control opens. Select X5Monitoring Control and click on Properties.

In the following dialog enter the path of the file, which has been created with the Monitoring Builder and set the communication parameters:

info Info

If now paths have been changed, while the Monitoring Builder Wizards was running, the monitoring file is in the SQL directory of the zenon project. Find out the GUID (e.g. by checking the straton project properties in zenon) and browse for the *.K5m file. You can normally find it in the standard path.

C:\ProgramData\COPA-DATA\SQL\<GUID>/FILES/straton/<straton Project Name>/<straton Project Name.K5m>.

info Info

For the Connection settings only use IP addresses and no computer names! If the straton Runtime runs on the same computer as zenon, enter for the localhost.

Separated with a colon (:) enter the Runtime port of the straton Runtime after the IP address. Usually it is 1200.