Module configuration

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After clicking the configuration button the following dialog opens:

Here the variables that should be connected can be selected. In the list on the left-hand side all variables which are available in zenon are displayed. There they can be selected and moved to the DEC export list with the button >. With the button '<' they can be removed again. If a variable is moved to the export list, a dialog for the name assignment of the zenon variable to the DEC variable opens:

The assignment is defined with a four digit press number and the four digit parameter name. Entered characters are automatically changed to upper case. The variables selected in this way then are continuously synchronised in zenon resp. in the connected DEC system.

In the lower part of the configuration dialog the TCP/IP connection to the DEC system can be configured.

The prot number is the port, where the Process Gateway waits for incomming connections.

The timeout is the time without response, after that the connection is closed.