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Settings in the main window for IEC870-104:




activates protovol 104, unlocks all input fields for 104 and locks settings for 101.

Configuration file

Name of the configuration file. This is where all active settings are stored and also loaded from. The name you enter must be a valid file name. Otherwise, no data can be stored. In this case, you will get an error message.

Only enter the file name without path. You do not have to add the file extension XML, as it will be added automatically during saving. The current INI directory will be used as path.

The file name will automatically be entered in the INI file of the process gateway as configuration.
You can find the INI file in the system folder of the process control system. It is called 'SCADAProcGateway.ini' - SCADA is the placeholder for the name of the process control system.


Loads configuration data from an XML configuration file. The current settings are replaced by the ones stored in the file. The current setting for the 'configuration file' remains the same.


Stores the current settings in a file.

Attention: Device that still have the default ID '????' (defined during creation) will not be exported. To export them, you must first configure the PLC in the configuration window "Sector".


TCP port to which the Masters connect. Defined by the norm as 2404.
Our drivers allow you to have several instances of the Process Gateway running at the same time. That is why you can change this port:
Allowed port numbers: 1200 to 65535


List of configured devices.


Adds a new device with standard settings. By default, it gets the invalid ID '????' and invalid IP/link addresses. Before you can use or export the device, you must configure it.


Deletes the selected device. If no device was selected, this button is locked.


Accepts all changed settings. They will immediately be stored in the current configuration file (as defined in 'Configuration file').
Attention: After clicking on 'OK', all active Master connections will be closed and restarted with the new settings. There may be communication errors during that.


Discards all changed settings. Nothing is stored.


Opens the help window (like the F1 button). If the help file does not exist on your system, please contact the COPA-DATA support team via support@copadata.com