Module configuration

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After clicking the configuration button the following dialog opens:

Here the variables that should be connected can be selected. In the list on the left-hand side all variables which are available in zenon are displayed. There they can be selected and moved to the MODBUS export list with the button '>'. With the button '<' they can be removed again. If a variable is moved to the export list, a dialog for the name assignment of the zenon variable to an offset in MODBUS opens:

The variables selected in this way then are continuously synchronised in zenon resp. in the MODBUS system.

In the lower part of the configuration dialog the serial resp. TCP/IP connection to the MODBUS system can be configured.

The following settings are available for the configuration of the serial interface:


the serial interface for the access to the MODBUS system

Data bit

number of data bits (default: 8) 8)

Stop bit

number of stop bits (default: 8) 1)


baudrate of the serial interface (default: 9600)


parity setting even/odd/no (default: no) No)

For the configuration via TCP/IP the port and the timeout in seconds can be defined.