Configuration of the Windows SNMP agent

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To make sure that the SNMP Agent by Windows (SNMP.exe) provides the zenon MIB partial structure, you have to configure the Process Gateway file AccessSNMP.dll in the registry as follows:

1. Installation of the Windows SNMP service via the control panel:
- up to Windows Vista via module: Software, Add Windows components
- since Windows Vista via module: Programs and functions, Switch Windows functions on/off

2. Installation of the Process Gateway with the file AccessSNMP.dll in sample directory 'C:\ProcessGateway'

3. Add the following keys and character strings using the registry editor:
Name='ProcessGateway' Wert='SOFTWARE\\COPA-DATA\\SNMP\\CurrentVersion'
Name='Pathname' Wert='C:\ProcessGateway\AccessSNMP.dll'

4. Start the SNMP service. It is loaded via the Registry configuration of the Process Gateway file AccessSNMP.dll. If you want to change any configuration settings for the Windows SNMP service, do so via control panel - administration - services - SNMP service - properties - security or Trap tab. See Windows Help.

In the tab Traps, you can specify the IP addresses in the network, which you want to send traps to.

In the tab Security, you can define rights, with which an SNMP client accesses the SNMP agent.