Module configuration

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The configuration of the database connection consists of two parts. The first part deals with the OLE-DB connection. In the configuration dialog this OLE-DB connection can be defined with the selection button for the Connect-String. Then the standard dialog for data connection properties is opened.

Additionally the name of the table can be defined, if the standard name ONLINE_VALUES should not be used. This can be set with the entry TABLE in the section [DATABASE] of the configuration file (zenProcGateway.ini).

The settings are taken over by the add-on when starting it.

There is a problem of the Process Gateway and the AcessSQL.dll in combination with Oracle databases. With certain ODBC drivers it can happen, that no online values are written to the database. In the extended ODBC logging you will find the error message: 1843.

The problem can be solved by changing the ODBC driver.

The version identification of the ODBC driver for Oracle version 9.2, with which the tool works is the following: