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The Remote Desktop consists of three components:

Remote Desktop service

The Remote Desktop service transfers the desktop information via the network to the viewing software. The service does not have a user interface on the PC. It runs in the background as an invisible Windows program. It is not started as a Windows service.
In Windows CE, the service can be seen as a tray icon.

The Remote Desktop service also has an integrated HTTP web server. This web server serves as a connection point for any kind of web browser. You can start a visual Remote Desktop connection directly in your browser.

Remote Desktop configuration

The configuration software allows you to change the behavior of the service.

Remote Desktop viewing software

The viewing software allows you to view the Remote Desktop from your PC. There are two different types of this software:

A standard Windows viewing software that you can start from the Remote Transport in the Editor or via the Windows start menu.

Direct connection with a standard web browser without any third-party software. In this case, the Remote Desktop will be displayed directly in the web browser.