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As a help for the definition this function can be selected from the menu entry Format/Functions (or with the right mouse button on the cell).

With the use of this functions an automatic change of values or times of an archive entry can be made by addition of a constant to the value. The value is read-in and shown in the report with the appropriate manipulation. Only "time" and "value" are possible as parameters.

attention Attention

Saving the changed values in the archive is not possible!



Constant with sign, decimal places with "."

Syntax: =archivemr(archive variable,contents,direction,P4)

Example Example


All read archive values are increased by 6.50 for the display in the report.


The time stamps of the archive entries are corrected back by 1 minute for representation in the report. This is needed, for example, because calculated monthly values arise only after the ending of the month (time stamp e.g. 00:01:00).