Picture switch - Recipegroup Manager

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In the dialog recipe group select the desired filter, which should be active when switching to the picture, in the dropdown menu Filter. By clicking Variable... you can enter a STRING variable which is used alternatively to the selection in the combo box as a filter criterion.

info Info

For example the two new system variables - Last set filter and Last set filter (local) - can be used for this purpose.

After you have selected a recipe name under recipes, you can make the follwoing setting in tab Options:

Recipe mode:

Here you cannot select anything. Execute recipe is always activated.

Select recipe with variable:



with variable

Active: The recipe to be displayed in the picture is defined by the current value of a linked variable. The selection of the recipe on tab Recipe selection has no influence.


The variable selection dialog is opened and the variable for the recipe can be selected.

Rrecipe number

The value of the selected variable defined the number of the recipe.

Recipe name

The value of the selected variable defined the name of the recipe.




Filter dialog

This filter dialog is opened in online operation when the function is executed.

Only selection

Recipes cannot be added, deleted or edited. They can only be selected.

Only recipe

If the filter dialog is opened in online operation you can only select recipes belonging to the recipe group stated in the editor.

Format file:



with format file

Active: The display of the recipe in the picture can freely be defined with a report file.
Inactive: The recipe is displayed in a standard table in the picture.

Format file

Selection of the report file (*.xrs). This file must have been created in the Report Generator before.