Adding variables to a recipegroup

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A recipe group consists of the assigned process variables and the recipes. All needed process variables must be inserted in the menu Variable before they can be used in recipes.

Create the variable by right clicking Variable. Select menu item Insert variable in the context menu.

It is also possible to use variables of other loaded projects.

For each recipe group it is possible to define seperate limitations for the minimum and maximum value of the variables.

info Info

A decimal value can be entered with a comma as well as with a point as a separator. The decimal separator is automatically changed to a point.

Sorting variables

You can sort variables in the Recipegroup Manager as you wish.

Select the variable that you want to change the sequence of and choose one of the following actions:

- choose up or down in the context menu
- vmove variables via drag&drop

Alternatively, you can move variables in the variable selection dialog with the arrow buttons in the lower right corner.