Preparatory work

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Installing HTML Help Workshop:

The HTML Help Workshop compiles HTML-Files into CHM-format. The Runtime-Help is based on CHM-files. The HTML Help Workshop is delivered on our installation CD.

Creating a help project:

There are many differtent tools to create HTML-files. It is also possible to save texts in a HTML-format in MS Word.

A standard help project (RT_Help.hpp) is on the install CD under /Predefined/RT_Help/Language. The desired standard help project has to be copied to teh appropriate folder. The HTM(L) files for the help have to be copied to the same folder.

All necessary settings are already defined in this standard help project.

Preparatory work in the HTML Help Workshop:

After starting the HTML Help Workshop the standard help project has to be loaded. With the button "Add/Remove Topic Files" the HTM(L) files can be inserted into the help project.

Clicking the button Save and Compile or Compile creates a file RT_Help.chm in the folder of the current help project. All HTM(L) files for this help project are included in this CHM file.

If there are changes in the HTM(L) files lateron, the help project has to be compiled again.

Multiple help files:

If the Runtime help should be distributed to several files, the files should be copied to a new folder for the next help file. Now the help project can be renamed and the HTM(L) files can be replaced by the new ones. A new compile of the new help project finishes the new help file.

Preparatory work for language changable help:

After the help project has been created in one language, all files of the folder should be copied to the folder of the next language. Now the HTM(L) files can be replaced with those of the new language. After starting the HTML Help Workshop the Language under International Settings has to be changed to the new language. A new compile of the help project finishes the help for the new language.

The names of the help projects (*hpp, *.chm) and the names of the HTM(L) files have to be identical in all languages!