Design of the Workbench

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The straton Workbench can be divided in the following areas:




In this section documents are displayed and edited (programs, watch lists, ...).


The workspace: Documents are created and opened in this list.


The output window displays messages and provides diagnosis tools.


In the variable editor variables and instances are declared.


The property tab and the Z arrangement are used for the engineering of the graphics documents.


The tab Libraries lists all available functions and function blocks


The tab Spy list displays the online values of selected variables during the debugging.


The tab Definitions displays all definitions.


The tab Graphics lists al graphical objects.

Each section (except section 1) can be shown and hidden with commands from the menu Views.

In the central area you will find the documents of the workspace. If several documents are opened at the same time, you can switch between the different documents using the tab at the bottom. With button X in the header the active document can be closed.

The variable editor and the document area in the center can be maximized at any time with the corresponding button (blue symbol with white line) or a double-click on the header.

If serveral documents are open in the central area, one of these can be fixed in the top or left part. In order to do this right click the corresponding tab an select Fix. With the same menu you can unfix the document at any time and fix another one: