Create a straton project in a zenon project

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After creating a zenon workspace and a zenon project (see also: Project and workspace) you can find the module straton (IEC 61131-3) in the Project manager. With a right mouse click on straton (IEC 61131-3) or in the detail view of the project manager the entry New straton Project ... can be selected in the context menu. By clicking the straton project new icon in the detail view of the project manager in order to perform the same action.

With this command the following window appears:

Hier können Sie einen frei definierbaren Namen für das straton Projekt vergeben.

Hint: The name must not exceed 15 characters!

Select STRATON32 or IEC870 as driver. This selection defines the eventual Runtime communication between straton and zenon. In addition the creation of the operating and monitoring (O and M) variables is based on this: Based on the name when using the STARTON32-driver, based on the address when using the IEC870-driver

attention Attention

If you have selected a driver once, you cannot change it afterwards.

info Info - Decision guidance for the driver selection

STRATON32 driver: This driver is based on Ethernet TCP/IP. Its advantages are that you can operate it cyclically or on change.

Referring to the integrated solution (straton in zenon) another advantages is that complex data types (structured data types and arrays) are supported.

IEC870 driver: This driver is mostly used in the infrastructure automation. You can operate it serial (-101) or over Ethernet TCP/IP (-104). It generally uses on change data traffic. Complex data types are not supported.

Click on Finish in order to apply the selected driver.

For information about the configuration take a look at the corresponding driver help:


IEC870-driver: IEC870

Now a straton project is created with the name you chose. The straton Workbench is started automatically.

You can now start with the engineering/programming of your PLC!

info Info

Keep in mind that a new straton project already has a few default values in the project properties. Make sure that these values meet for requirements. Change the project settings where appropriate. In order to do this open the project settings in the Workbench under Project/Settings....

You adjust the properties of the straton projects in the zenon project in the properties window of the zenon Editor. You will find a description of the single properties in the property help.