Distributed engineering (multiuser)

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It is possible that more than one engineer is working on one zenon project. Thus for example one engineer works on a straton project and another works on the zenon project.


In distributed engineering O&m variables (operating and monitoring) are handled separately by the straton project.

You can create variables in straton as usual. If the variables should also be available in zenon, they have to be equipped with the corresponding property (embedded symbol, profile straton (*Operating and Monitoring for zenon*)). After that the variable in created in zenon. You can check it in for other engineers (apply changes). You cannot edit a checked in variable in the straton Workbench. It is marked accordingly in the straton variable list.


straton drivers are attended separately in distributed engineering by the straton project. That means if you want to make changes, you have to check out the STARTON32 driver (enable changes).

straton projects

In order to edit a multi-user straton project, it has to be checked out (enable changes). After the engineering, the changes can be undone or accepted.