straton Runtime cycle

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The straton Runtime cycle consists of:

These values can be displayed in the straton user interface. Use the shortcut ALT+S or SHIFT+ALT+A.



Binding exchange

Reading of the Binding values which are published in the network and which were configured by the application (if they were configured).

I/O exchange

Data exchange between the I/O drivers (except Modbus slave/server) and the I/O boards (if they were configured).

Application execution

Execution of the programs.

Digital sampling trace

Execution of the digital sampling (if it was configured).


Sending of the events (Binding or straton32.exe driver of zenon) (if they were configured).

Forced values

Reading of the forced values of zenon from the straton Workbench (online debugging) and data exchange of the Modbus slave/server (if they were configured).


Wait the remaining time until the cycle time is over.

When cycle setting is As fast as possible (free run), the time is always 1 ms.

The Sleep time is used in order to execute tasks of the operation system and of other windows applications.

Time allocation PLC and Windows

With the help of the slider in the straton Runtime user interface, you can determine how much time is reserved for the PLC and for Windows. The value displayed in the bar graph always refers to the ratio set in the slide control.