straton General

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straton is an IEC 61131-3 programming environment for different target systems with straton Runtime kernel. In case of zenon the straton Runtim kernel is designed as a soft PLC for PC and CE plarforms.

straton Workbench

The straton Workbench is the tool for programming the straton PLC. The straton Workbench ios started in the zenon Editor. All five IEC 61131-3 predefined languages are available.


Long form of the langauge


Sequential Function Chart


Function Block Diagram


Ladder Diagram


ST – Structured Text ?


Intstuction List

IEC 61131-3

Part three of the IEC 61131 descubes the syntax and semantic of compuer languages for PLCs which have been defined in part 1 of the IEC 61131.

straton Runtime

The straton Runtime is the target system and executes the compiled code of the straton Workbench. The straton soft PLC is available for the PC (Windows® XP, XPe, Vista, Server) and for Windows® CE platforms. Beside the soft PLC there are also hard PLCs, which have implemented the straton Runtime kernel as OEM software. The manufacturers of these hardware PLCs can be found on

You can find more information about straton here: straton Runtime (Soft PLC)