Create O and M variables in straton

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All variables created in the straton Workbench can be marked as O&M (operating and monitoring) variables:

attention Attention

We recommend that when using UDFB instances as O&M variables to administrate only one straton project in a zenon project.

If two or more straton projects are administrated in zenon, the as O&M marked UDFBs appear as structure data types.

In order to do this the following steps are necessary:

(Refer to the online help of the straton Workbench for the exact steps to create a variable in straton.)

Now the O&M variable has been entered in the zenon variable list. The O&M variable is displayed with a prefix in zenon. The prefix has the following structure:

<straton project name>/<straton program name resp. global or retain>/<variable name>

You can set the profile and the flag directly in the variable list of straton. Thus you do not have to open the context menu and the dialog.

Mark the line Properties of the corresponding variable. Press Ctrl+F12. Thus the profile straton is displayed in this line. In addition you must activate the checkbox for embedding the symbol via double click or Enter in column Symb..

attention Attention

The checkbox Embed symbol must be activated. Variables for which this checkbox is not active are not able to communicate with zenon using the STARTON32 driver and will not supply any values.

Additional attributes of the variable

The additional attributes Identification and Description of a variable are also displayed in zenon when you select the profile STRATON (*Operating and Monitoring for zenon*). In zenon the contents of identification and description can be found in the variable properties Identification and Resource label.

Arrays, structure variables and UDFB instances

If arrays, structure variables or UDFB instances are marked with the profile STARTON (*Operating and Monitoring for >CD_PRODUCTNAME<*), they are also displayed in the variable list in >CD_PRODUCTNAME<. You must however activate the desired elements of the variable.