Creating a new user-defined datatype

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Open the folder Variables and select Datatypes.

Now all existing datatypes are listed in the detailview. On the first opening only the pre-defined datatypes corresponding to the IEC datatypes are in this list. A user-defined datatype is always based on an IEC datatype. Click into the list with the right mouse button an in the context menu select Create simple datatype....

In the dialog opening now enter the name of the user-defined datatype and select an existing datatype. This datatype is a template for the new datatype to be created. Hereby all properties are copied into the new one. They can be changed in the properties window lateron. No reference to the basic datatype, being the basis of the new one, exists any longer.

Click on Finish. The new user-defined datatype now apperas in the lsit of simple datatypes in the detailview.