Change driver

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In order to change an already existing driver select the driver in the detail view. In the context menu select Change driver and the same dialog as when loading a driver opens.

So the driver definition for a number of maybe already existing variables can be changed. The acceptance of a new driver occurs by clicking of the same in the list box and confirming the selection with OK. The necessary settings for the driver(s) (interface assignment, interrupt address, etc.) are defined during the configuring of the variables. The change of the driver definition is only possible for the released drivers which have been declared as being compatible. With the exchange of the driver definition a universal driver concept is made available, because the variables are still available and functional after the change of a driver, if they exist in the changed driver.

The driver can also be changed by entering the corresponding driver name of an already existing driver.

Example Example

During the planning phase of a project the address concept for zenon is generally not ready. Only the process variables to be used have been defined.

In order to allow a parallel processing of the project, the simulator driver is included as driver. The generation of the pictures with dynamic linkages and the on-line test (setpoint input, etc.) can be carried out.

Once the final address concept with the linkage to zenon is available, the driver is changed and can be tested and used under project conditions.

The change of a driver is only possible under the prerequisite that the driver used during the configuring and finally used in the end has the same properties (variable types). In order tu guarantee for this anticipatory projecting is necessary.